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Tips and Techniques

Tip: If you notice light spots or missed areas of print on the page, don't replace the toner cartridge right away. Take the cartridge out and gently shake it back and forth a few times. You should be able to print another 50 pages or so. When the printing becomes light again, remove and gently shake it one more time. You can probably get another 20 pages.

Tip: Never touch the photoconductor drum. Fingerprints and streaks from wiping the drum will show as smudges on the paper and cleaning could permanently damage the photoconductor coating.

Tip: Clean up any spilled powder with soap and cold water, NEVER USE HOT water. Toner is a plastic resin and HOT water will cause the toner to melt and bind with fabrics. Should toner get on your hands, wash them thoroughly and immediately with soap and cold water.

Tip: Know the difference between an "A" cartridge and an "X" cartridge? The majority of printers will use either one. The primary difference is the amount of toner powder inside. An "X" cartridge will usually print 150% to 175% more than an "A" cartridge.

Tip: Store cartridges at room temperature and be careful not to leave them in the car during summer. Temperatures over 100° (F) will solidify toner powder inside the cartridge since heat is used to fuse the toner to the paper.

Tip: When handling a toner cartridge-never touch the drum surface and always protect it from light. When the cartridge is empty, place it back in the protective foil bag.

Did you know: The "All-In-One" toner cartridge houses about 90% of a laser printer's imaging components.

Technique: Have you ever placed a "new" cartridge in the printer and the "Low Toner" indicator goes on. You may have mistakenly placed an empty cartridge in the machine. If your office is like most, the toner cartridges are usually stacked near the printer. Mark your boxes "EMPTY" to avoid the frustration of running out of toner when you have to get that document printed!

Tip: If a NEW toner cartridge refuses to print, remove the toner cartridge and confirm the cartridge seal strip has been pulled prior to installation. Often the seal strip has not been removed and toner is not detected in the printer.

Technique: Save toner and paper by printing only the text you need, not the entire document. To do so, simply left click and drag your mouse to highlight the text you wish to print. Then click "Print".

Tip: Never use inkjet paper with a laser printer or vice versa. Store your paper materials in a cool, dry location to avoid damage from humidity.

Tip: Don't throw away empty cartridges! Call RVIT at (541) 773-1466 for free pick up of empties. We remanufacture the empty cartridges and sell for 30% to 50% less than retailers.

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