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Typical Cartridge Components

Magnetic Developer Roller (MDR)

A cylindrical sleeve used to transfer image forming toner particles. The hollow cylinder is a non-magnetic material with a textured exterior surface. The interior contains a magnet producing a magnetic field to hold toner particles on the textured surface of the cylindrical sleeve.

MDR Doctor Blade

Magnetic Developer Roller Doctor Blade is a precise leveling blade which serves to keep toner on the Magnetic Developer Roller to a single layer. This is a critical component since any damage or misadjustment to the blade will produce a noticeable effect on the quality of the image.

Organic Photoconductor (OPC) Drum

A cylinder coated with a substance whose electrical properties change when exposed to light. The drum is electrically charged and a laser within the printer changes the electrical charge on areas of the drum. Those areas then pick up toner and transfer it to the page.

Primary Charge Roller (PCR)

A rubber roller inside the toner cartridge which places the electrical charge on the Organic Photoconductor drum. It also erases the residual charge once the print cycle is complete.

Organic Photoconductor Wiper Blade

The Organic Photoconductor Wiper Blade cleans the surface of the Organic Photoconductor Drum by scraping off the waste (untransferred) toner into the cartridge waste hopper.

MDR Sealing Blade

MDR Sealing Blade removes excess toner particles affixed to Magnetic Developer Roller as its outer surface rotates back into toner supply hopper and prevents toner particles from falling out of toner supply hopper onto paper along the length of developer sleeve.

Toner Cartridge "Smart Chip"

Some OEM cartridges contain a "smart chip" to keep track of printer functions as well as make life more difficult for remanufacturers. Our cartridges receive new, replacement "smart chips" and are 100% compatible with OEM cartridges.

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